While being part of a team that attending workshops hosted by Discovery education over a three year period, I was introduced to many new activities that I could use in my classroom. So, I thought that I would post several of them here. Some of the activities are specific to my lesson plans while others can be used in any situation. I am still working on this page as I incorporate activities into my teaching. Several teachers in this training have developed portfolios for their students to use. With technology expectations constantly changing within the school system, I found it easier to just make a website. I would like to thank the Leesville PTA for helping fund my Donors Choose project. This will allow me to use technology in my lab space more often.

  • "SNOWBALL" FIGHT ACTIVITY- let your students make snow balls full of facts to toss around the room.

  • TWEET TWEET: In a world dominated by SMART phones and texting, let your students compose tweets about the topic at hand.

  • Vocabulary scavenger hunt

  • Table Talk Texting

  • 6 kingdoms Paper slide show: I love having my students make paper slide shows. They work in groups and then I post the results on youtube for them to view. This is one example of a paper slide show I have my students do. You could easily adapt it to something you could use in your classroom.

  • On a few occasions when I needed to be absent (like for the Discovery education workshops), I made a short video for my students that explained what I wanted them to do while with the substitute. I posted them on youtube. The sub instructions simply stated for the students to take out their phones, go to the link that I supplied, and watch the video. They then could do the assignment that I left. Don't laugh, I did it on my cell phone, so it is not the best. But here is a link of me explaining how I want a lab done and a link of me explaining the notes on Mitosis- they had a fill in the blank note sheet to accompany the video .